Tuesday, August 09, 2005

MetaTokyo Plug

I'm going to take this opportunity to plug some of the many authored stories I'm working on with some very talented writers over at the Blizzardskies Arena Forum. Metatokyo is a very very long and convoluted story of a Tokyo so massive its covered most of Japan, in a universe that seems to be colliding with others, dropping enchanted humans, aliens and demons on a weird post-apocalyptic landcape and.. playing with them. I have a character in the more recent incarnation of the story: Yuni is a holy witch taking care of three adorable demons. I also own some other characters, but they are harder to explain out of context.

My other project on Blizzardskies is Star Wars: The Dark Side Walks. I can't really explain that one at all, except to say its a post Return of the Jedi odyssey involving a rogue Jedi(my character), a Jedi working for the Order, and a dude who is really, really, evil.

Soon there will be a webcomic version of the MetaTokyo story, which is completely different from Megatokyo, I assure you. More news on that as it comes in.


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