Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fanta Facts

I don't drink a lot of soda, but a friend pointed out to me, in one of those random e-mails you get when work is slow, that there are perhaps over seventy flavors of Fanta worldwide. Did you know that the percentage of real OJ in orange Fanta varies by country? So many random facts to learn, so little time..


Blogger Sister Andrea said...

Also, Fresca is much better in Central America than in the United States, because outside of this country it's not a diet soda.

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Blogger Sister Andrea said...

On an entirely different topic, have you seen that The Giver is being challenged in Missouri?

The most thorough challenge was Casper’s. She included a total of 60 pages of troublesome passages which she listed under headings such as “disabilities, age, imperfection handled with punishment, killing or euthanasia,” “sexual/pornographic (read these aloud),” “teen/adult suicide,” “demeaning women/caretaker,” “family unit destruction/contortion,” “control/population,” “running away,” “lying” and “distrust.”

In her challenge, Casper noted “the dangers involved in presenting material with no absolute rights and wrongs clarified.”

Do these parents actually want every book their child reads to have a clear, uncomplicated moral message?

Also, one of the parents doesn't mind Romeo and Juliet being taught in schools because ....

*drumroll please*

She is not against “factual, historical violence” being taught in schools.


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