Wednesday, September 07, 2005

How Dare They?

Everyone needs to read this personal account of the callous disregard for human life shown by National Guard Troops in New Orleans.

We decided we had to save ourselves. So we pooled our money and came up with $25,000 to have ten buses come and take us out of the City. Those who did not have the requisite $45.00 for a ticket were subsidized by those who did have extra money. We waited for 48 hours for the buses, spending the last 12 hours standing outside, sharing the limited water, food, and clothes we had. We created a priority boarding area for the sick, elderly and new born babies. We waited late into the night for the "imminent" arrival of the buses. The buses never arrived. We later learned that the minute the arrived to the City limits, they were commandeered by the military.

By day 4 our hotels had run out of fuel and water. Sanitation was dangerously abysmal. As the desperation and despair increased, street crime as well as water levels began to rise. The hotels turned us out and locked their doors, telling us that the "officials" told us to report to the convention center to wait for more buses. As we entered the center of the City, we finally encountered the National Guard. The Guards told us we would not be allowed into the Superdome as the City's primary shelter had descended into a humanitarian and health hellhole. The guards further told us that the City's only other shelter, the Convention Center, was also descending into chaos and squalor and that the police were not allowing anyone else in. Quite naturally, we asked, "If we can't go to the only 2 shelters in the City, what was our alternative?" The guards told us that that was our problem, and no they did not have extra water to give to us. This would be the start of our numerous encounters with callous and hostile "law enforcement".


Blogger Thomas Nephew said...

Your link is broken; the article is now here (18427 instead of 18337).

10:32 AM  
Blogger Thomas Nephew said...

This story is beyond belief, and ought to get "60 Minutes" treatment. The mayor and police chief should be up on charges, 'depraved indifference' and 'dereliction of duty' among them.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Iris said...

Broken Link Fixed. Thanks, Thomas. :)

9:01 PM  

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