Monday, September 05, 2005

Updates On Katrina

Two articles that gave me food for thought (my titles just explain their relevance):

Head of FEMA: Stallion, or Ass?
FEMA gutted for the sake of Homeland Security

Wonkette and Co. has been keeping a close eye on White House shenanigans during the disaster, including Condi's shoe shopping and Rove and Bartlett's plan to blame Louisiana for everything.

I have been astonished and horrified as I am sure many have been, at the state of chaos in New Orleans. It seems that all of the beaurocrats left no one in charge when they deserted the city, and the federal and state officials never thought to ask the news media swarming the area for the use of their highly efficient and state of the art communications devices. The Federal government added insult to injury by trying to wrest control of relief efforts from the Governor, even after FEMA botched the job but good by actually turning away fuel and supplies that could have saved lives.

I also want to point out that many of the peope who are dying are diabetics, people with kidney and liver function issues.. basically anyone whose life is being extended with artificial means that require resources such as medicine and electricity. I'm not saying every death is like that, but it demonstrates just how delicate the situation is for the poor who suddenly don't have access to proper health care. The wealthy have already begun buying homes in Baton Rouge. The poor could end up in old army barracks or tent cities if they're lucky. If the government does not act swiftly, they could become a homeless mass that moves from shelter to shelter or worse yet jail.