Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fall means homework.. and dancing

I woke up this morning groggy from a very late night meeting with the dance group I'm a part of--we're in the process of brainstorming our future plans and aims for the organization. It was only supposed to run until 8pm, but I left around 10:40, which either means we're getting somewhere, or we're just spending too much time on nitty gritty.

But that's not the point-- the point is that I woke up and stared, with gummy eyes blinking and dry mouth open, at the streaks of yellow going through the soybean feild. Its been a very dry summer, and our plants have been bearing the brunt of it, but those soybeans turning made me realize that summer was on its way out, and soon I would be missing warm breezy days I never got a chance to enjoy.

Luckily, today I was doing a demonstration dance and passing out fliers on one of my university's campuses. This allowed me to a) share something I love with others and b) get some vitamin B. I work something slinky and cute for dancing, but after that I covered up enough to keep from getting torched. I looked a bit ridiculous in my straw hat and long sleeve linen shirt, but by the end of the afternoon a lot of people around me were looking a shade or two darker than pink.

Speaking of long hot summers, I hope everyone has given in some way to the Katrina relief effort. My mother recently raised almost $2,000 for the American Kennel Club Katrina Relief Fund.

You know, everytime I mention Katrina, I get bots so I'll just leave this one comment free.