Saturday, July 08, 2006

Much Delayed ALA Diary

I've been back from ALA for a while, recovering from my cold and spending a blissful week on vacation in a remote island off the shores of Lake Huron.

The final days of ALA were hectic to say the least, packed with shopping in the exhibit hall, eating at places like the Gumbo Shop (yum) and my evenings were spent entertaining friends who were in a crappy hotel in my nice, air-conditioned room. Thus no time to blog about anything. I won't try to write a blow by blow account of Saturday night, Sunday and Monday, but I will give you some highlights, not in chronological order:

10. Big Boxes of Swag
9. Spending A LOT OF MONEY sending books home.. lots of books, some even signed by Tamora Pierce and M. T. Anderson. I saw Scott Westerfeld, Jack Gantos, John Sczieska, Robert Sabuda.. and more people who are probably going to be famous.
8. Bronchitis and Tylonol Cold --severe congestion--
7. Tea Party held for book based on Alice In Wonderland--but with lots of violence.. in your bookstores soon, complete with movie rights (more on that later)
6. Listening to dark, sulky (only when listening to other authors blather) handsome Neil Gaimen talk at the Alex Awards ceremony
5. Free cds of anime sent to me monthly
4. Julius Lester's signature
3. Making it through Printz awards without coughing myself out of the room.
2. Giant banner for reading manga at your library featuring Full Metal Panic characters--free!
1. I am allergic to Laura Bush.

Had to miss Anderson Cooper (see #8) but I went to a really nice restaurant instead with random nice librarians from California, New Jersey etc..

Going to bed now.

Wish me Luck!


Blogger Thomas Nephew said...

Hope you're better by now, that must have been some cold.

9:47 AM  

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