Monday, September 18, 2006

Months later...

I love my new job. You can tell, because I haven't thought about posting in a while. I haven't wanted to sit back and contemplate librarianship because I've been having too much fun! I jumped in after ALA and haven't slowed down since.

The best part about being a REAL librarian is that I get to have time to work on collection development new projects like a MySpace for the library, and of course devote a lot of time to programming. I'm doing baby storytimes, a teen anime and manga club, and some special Teen Read Week programming to name just a few activities.

My new peeps, or patrons or whatever, are wonderful. I get to move into a brand new building in November. I've gotten a lot of money to buy pretty, new books. Basically, its the best of all possible worlds.

Back to cleaning.. ah, domesticity! Without school, I actually have a little time for it.


Blogger Kelliemaria said...

i'm a children's librarian from iowa--i just happened upon your site and found it very interesting. i deal with the YA section of the library quite a bit, and it seems you do as well. i would love to pick your brain on resources...helping kids find books. i found the link the on one of your other blogs. i cannot believe that i have never heard of this site! i am so excited to use it! do you have any other sites/search engines that you use for teens?
just wanted to let you know that i found your site helpful and interesting.

9:25 PM  
Blogger Iris said...

Hmm.. book list resources for teens is always an issue. The kids can be soooo picky! I would suggest looking at Yalsa's book lists, they are long but do have some good, up to date choices.

8:34 AM  

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